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A press conference is a special event aimed to impress journalist, boost their curiosity and stay in their memory. There is no room for a standard, ordinary ideas here. We took the challenge of developing lunching strategy for ‘In Sync’ Activia new project , yet again working for Danone. One of our task was to organise media meetings presenting InSync idea and the new design of Activia yogurt. 

We engaged Kinga Baranowska  - the mountaineer and the eight-thousander summiter, and Olga Kozierowska - a mentor and a motivational speaker to be the ambassadors of the campaign.  They were both special guests at the press conference to share their experience and knowledge about how to trust your own intuition and how to find balance in your body, mind, and soul.

To reflect the idea of In Sync in the best possible way, we aimed to achieve synergy in every aspect of the event preparation. We sent personalized invitations to the journalists and prepared creative press kits, which we handed over after the meeting. We organized the event in the harmoniously designed, modern space of the Warsaw 'Axonometry' showroom. The atmosphere of the meeting was complemented by specially arranged catering, which was prepared with natural ingredients.

Thanks to the unusual event we succeeded in getting journalists interested in InSync project, what resulted in huge publicity  and  very high InSync Project’s awareness.


Danone Activia

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