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Project management rules are highly important in PR activities and should not be treated separately, but as a part of the whole communication strategy. Only when skilfully managed it would  lead to a long-term effect.

Training topics:

  • We often face a dilemma: should we adjust the project to the given budget or should we be able to fund the project as it is? During the training we will analyze PR project ideas and search for a business justification for them,
  • There are many factors that influence the overall success of the project. The responsible team is one of them. We will discuss roles in PR projects, which are fulfilled by sponsors, leaders, the project team itself and the stakeholders,
  • It is clear that the PR project needs to have a clear objective. During the training we will talk about setting the right goal, maintaining the focus on it and finally using it as an indicator to measure project’s performance,
  • We will practice project planning - we will define tasks, create a project schedule and budget and look for the human resources that will implement the project,
  • We will discuss possible risks in the project, and we will think how to counteract them,
  • The training will end with implementing, monitoring, reporting and evaluation a mock PR project.


  • Participants will learn what are the elements of a PR project management process,
  • They will know how to analyze the idea behind the project and set its goal to justify necessary budget,
  • They will learn on examples and go through the whole process in order to strengthen their knowledge about its most crucial elements,
  • They will face risks and practice how to deal with them,
  • They will receive tools to monitor and evaluate project’s performance which could be uses and applied according to their needs later on.

Practical details:

  • One-day closed training, adjusted to client’s needs, with usage of methods such as: brainstorming, case study, discussion, team work,
  • Training can be held at the company’s office or in a rented space with catering and necessary equipment (projector/TV screen, flipchart),
  • A several-hour workshop on creating PR projects' budgets,
  • PR projects budget management - upon request.

As a supplement to the PR Project Management training, we recommend a 3-4-hour workshop on PR projects budget management. The workshop covers:

  • Most commonly budgeted PR projects - review of case studies and projects which are typical for the company,
  • How to plan a PR project budget - necessary information, proposals overview, negotiations, financing,
  • Budget management - from approval and execution to evaluation,
  • Indicators of budget efficiency in PR,
  • Budget examples - ready to apply by workshop participants,
  • Workshop on budgeting a chosen PR project.
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