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Public Relations can be defined in many ways and recently it’s often presented in a bad light. That’s why it’s highly important to understand what a professional communication should look like, how to establish a long-term relationship with media and how to skilfully use the tools offered by the contemporary PR.

Training topics:

  • What PR is,
  • Current trends in PR - uncertain distinction between PR, marketing and advertising,
  • How to plan effectively the communication activities and create a PR strategy,
  • How to build effective and long-term relationships with media,
  • How social media can support PR activities,
  • Most popular PR tools, such as press office management or traditional and social media monitoring.

Training’s benefits:

  • Participants will systematize their knowledge about PR activities,
  • They will learn about latest trends in PR,
  • They will learn how to build and establish fruitful relationships with media,
  • They will learn about tools that support PR specialists,
  • They will analyze successful PR campaigns that have been implemented in Poland and around the world (case studies),
  • They will create an exemplary PR strategy.

Practical details:

  • One-day closed training, adjusted to client’s needs, using of methods such as: brainstorming, case study, discussion, team work,
  • Training can be held at the company’s office or in a rented space with catering and necessary equipment (projector/TV screen, flipchart),
  • A several-hour workshop on using social media in PR communication  - upon request.
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