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Building relationships with company’s stakeholders, that are based on trust and mutual understanding, is crucial to company's long-term presence on the market. The company's success depends on them, but sometimes they can lead to serious problems.

During the training we work together to learn about:

  • Business and social environment of the company – we analyse the current clients’ and partners’ situation as well as institutions and organisations that are important to company’s operations,
  • Based on business goals set by the company, we analyse who can influence the achievement of  these goals outside of the company, also in the context of legislators and decision-makers,
  • Company's success on the market depends on the quality of its business relations – who is responsible for them inside of the company? How are they being managed (standards, procedures, means, resources etc.)?
  • How to measure the effectiveness of relationships with stakeholders and what the performance indicators should be based upon,
  • Factors blocking stakeholder relationship management: time pressure, low budget and other internal conditions.

During the training, we discuss in a creative way topics that are the most interesting for participants. We use methods that are proven and tools that can  be implemented by the Client later on.

Training’s benefits:

  • Participants will receive knowledge about effective (and profitable) stakeholder relationships management,
  • They will learn about effective relationships between stakeholders and the companies (both internal and external) maintained for years – we will showcase their effects and paths they took to achieve them,
  • They will receive useful tools that will help them to map their stakeholders and evaluate the effectiveness of their cooperation,
  • They will discuss and learn about ways of dealing with obstacles in building positive and long-term stakeholder relationships.

Practical details:

  • One-day closed training, adjusted to client’s needs, using methods such as: brainstorming, case study, discussion, team work,
  • Training can be held at the company’s office or in a rented space with catering and necessary equipment (projector/TV screen, flipchart).
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