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When we took over the Starbucks' Social Media channels, we were faced with many challenges - comprehensive Facebook and Instagram support on the Polish, Czech and Hungarian market, promoting a Snapchat channel, internal content creation - images and posts content, communication of the MSR loyalty program, cooperation with bloggers and social influencers.

Over a year and a half we have gained over 42 thousand fans on Facebook and increased the number of followers on Instagram (without an advertising budget) from 18 thousand to nearly 120 thousand, making it one of the largest Starbucks profiles in Europe. We launched a SnapChat channel in collaboration with LittleMooonster96, and within one day it was 13th in the ranking of the most popular profiles on this social channel.

We have organized many engaging competitions and sales activities including real-time marketing. We were responsible for running advertising campaigns. We worked with some of the most popular social influencers, including Lukasz Jakubiak, Horkruks and The Dumplings.

For us – coffee lovers - working with Starbucks is a real pleasure.





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