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Katarzyna Pawlikowska - szkolenia dla firm, femvertising

We run workshops and trainings, which are based on our unique many years’ agency’s know-how, pioneering research and also world marketing trends which we’ve learned throughout the direct collaboration with American and world’s experts.

We make the effective communication possible. We individually select the communication range and proposed tools - we focus on the areas that are most important to the Client: company development, sales growth, customer satisfaction, competences of the employees.

The scope of themes  is individually selected – you are invited to contact us directly (biuro@gardenofwords.pl).

* Katarzyna Pawlikowska is a member of the Global Steering Committee of the world congress "Marketing to Women", and Garden of Words cooperates with the world's leading experts like Marti Barletta or marketing professor Jenny Darroch.


How to make the communication to reach successfully the wide target audience? How to reach the women and how to build a good and a lasting relationship with them? You have to be on the same wavelength, you have to know her well and you must like her. You have to make her invite you into her life. Extensive research done by the brand and TGI data is not enough anymore to establish such a relationship today. You need to know a woman not only throughout her behavior, but also to understand her motivations, desires, her current  lifestyle  and the lifestyle she aim for, the current and future needs, and even her hidden fears or sense of humor - all that makes her behave in a certain way as a consumer. Garden of Words’ specialists know what Polish women are like. They combine the data provided by the brand with the psychographic data, mapping their target groups according to their psychological portrait and expectations.


  • Trainings and workshops - "new sociological atlas of women" in a nutshell, psychographic research as a source of knowledge for marketers. Combining global research and market trends targeting women with the expectations of the Polish market.
  • Trainings and strategic consulting - consumer mapping and consultancy on existing communication activities related to effective marketing activities aimed at female consumers.


  • Trainings on the use of gender potential in human resource.
  • Motivational trainings - women's social functioning mechanisms, defining barriers and psychological limitations.
  • Audits and training on the women recruitment process.


  • Trainings and workshops on the gender-profiled sales and customer service - differences in shopping behavior between women and men.
  • Strategic consultancy on incentive and loyalty programs that support sales, including female’s communication codes, increasing team's effectiveness and sales of services.
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