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Z Kujawskim pomagamy pszczołom - edukacja najmłodszych


"Helping bees with Kujawski" is one of the most well-known social programs aimed to inspire local communities to take long-term actions to improve bees’ living conditions in Poland by creating the Bee-friendly Places and raising the public awareness of the relationship between bee-keeping and biodiversity.  The program is aimed to diverse stakeholder groups: local communities, school children and their parents, teachers, consumers, and journalists. Botanical Gardens and independent nature associations are the partners of the program. Within the the program, we initiated the Great Bee Day, which has become a fixed position in the calendar of ecological holidays in Poland.

We were responsible for organizing four editions of the program.  We prepared the concepts and developed strategies for each edition. We implemented the Bees' Friends Academy (educational materials for schools) and the Great Bee Day – we organized and coordinated the events in several cities at the same time. We got educational and environmental institutions involved into the program. We run the press office, we were responsible for celebrity relations and for organizing workshops for journalists. Every year’s activities involve several thousand of schools, tens of thousands of students and adults in Poland.



ZT Kruszwica



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