Knowing the Poles’ shopping behaviour no longer guarantees the effective communication. The key to success is the dialogue with the consumer, and that is possible only through knowing this motivation, needs and dreams, i.e. his inner world. We have this unique know-how that let us start this long and intimate conversation. We were pioneers and we blazed the trail in Polish market when we spoke about feminine communication code in 2007. We implemented innovative consumer research adapting the global marketing trends. We know Polish women extremely well and we love working on projects aimed at female segments. We understand target groups' individual needs, motivations and requirements. We translate those needs into a wide-reaching message by combining the different target audience’s priorities. We use tools to reach women on different levels. We consult for companies on their current communication activities. Thanks to mapping female consumers, we precisely adjust the message we send them. We know how to leverage company's effectiveness and increase its profits. We advise on how to build a credible brand image and a communication strategy. We keep in mind that efficiency is not about reaching just one gender or one segment.

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