“Can You feel it? ... marketing and sales communications addressed to women. Introduction to gender marketing” Katarzyna Pawlikowska, Marek Poleszak.

The first publication in Poland on marketing aimed at women, introducing the concept of female communication codes and the acronym CZUJESZ? (Can you feel it?). It is a source of practical knowledge about effective communication and sales aimed at women. It shows the readers the process of developing techniques and methods, tailor made to the specifics of the industry. Priceless help in marketing communications development, auditing and training strategies and so on.

The publication was scored on a second position in the category "Marketing Book of the Year" of  "The most Important in Marketing 2011" plebiscite.

Publisher: CeDeWu


"Polish women", Katarzyna Pawlikowska, Dominika Maison

 Pioneering publication based on the largest psychographic segmentation of female consumers, combining the social (psychological and sociological) perspective with the perspective of communication practice. A source of guidance on how to conduct an effective dialogue with Polish women. It refers to their real motivations, preferences, worldviews, approach to life, work, family, and even sense of humour. A reading for all those who want to get to know and understand contemporary Polish women, whether professionally or avocationally.

 The book has been enriched by numerous commentaries from well-known experts from the front pages of social, economic or political life titles, including: Jarosław Kuźniar, Tomasz Sobierajski, Wojciech Eichelberger, Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, Dorota Zawadzka, Katarzyna Bosacka, Hanna Bakuła, Tomasz Jacyków.


Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego


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