Garden of Words Group is a unique Polish brand  that gained it’s  recognition and reputation over during the last 10 years of its activity on Polish market. Not only the wide clients’ portfolio with the most valued Polish and international brands, but also the numerous awards gained in the most important national and international industry competitions can proof our power and competence. We believe that a dialogue with a consumer is the most effective form of communication. We think about our target group in a modern way - we have a unique know-how, that helps us precisely identify the consumer potential of Poles, we understand their individual needs, motivations, and expectations.

We don't limit ourselves with an outdated methods and tools, we are not making the same mistakes over again. We carefully choose arguments and tools that let them transform their market potential into a success of carried out activities.

We approach our customers individually at each stage of the process, showing them how to make their businesses more efficient and how to maximize their profits - we advise on how to build a credible brand image and how to build a business strategy, using an extensive consumer research and the latest global marketing trends. We know the most important challenges of today's business - we can point out barriers and threats to our operations.

  • Our Group if formed of 6 highly skilled and experienced units working on the in 6 different areas: 360 degree marketing, M2W, PR, CSR, events, and training
  • Currently, we employ over 35 people
  • In addition to our full time specialists, we have built a unique network of consultants covering the whole country
  • We are also experienced in working in European and international markets
  • We have more than 17 major industry awards




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