For years CSR is no longer seen as a smaller or larger project, but as an integral part of company's sustainable development strategy. It is important to carefully explore the needs of your business and its surroundings if thinking of implementing this kind of activities, and then choose areas in which your company and employees can grow and contribute to a positive change, like for example in the environment or local communities.

Topics to be discussed during the training:

  • Where to start preparing CSR strategy and planning,
  • What is the purpose of the CSR program, who should be included and involved in it,
  • How to find an area that will be consistent with your business strategy and will use existing resources,
  • Is it necessary to cooperate with a non-governmental organization (foundation, association, other public benefit institution) to implement CSR activities?
  • How to make use of the already implemented good practices to reinforce the positive image of the company, or in other words: how to boast about it and communicate it to stakeholders,
  • CSR reporting - how to prepare a report and use it in image communication.

Benefits of training:

  • Participants systematize their current knowledge about CSR,
  • They will be able to identify areas in the company which need to be analyzed before planning and implementing CSR activities,
  • They will get to know the latest trends in CSR (case studies relevant to the company),
  • They will learn how to promote corporate CSR activities and use them to communicate with company's stakeholders,
  • They will also gain knowledge of CSR reporting - what are the reporting models and requirements for EU directives.

Practical details:

  • Closed training, adjusted to client’s needs,
  • one-day long, with usage of methods such as: brainstorming, case study, discussion, team work,
  • Training can be held at the company’s office or in a rented space with catering and necessary equipment (projector/TV screen, flipchart).
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